“You Are The Bank” ™


Seniors selling your home can be an investment For your future

Many older Americans are facing difficult decisions today. Many could be our family or friends. Today, seniors are selling their homes and moving to Senior Living Communities, moving in with family, downsizing or selling a second home. Utilizing the UnMortgage Program, you will receive a check each month that never changes in value and one that you can depend on to supplement your monthly income! “You Are The Bank”. Wouldn’t you be happy to make a higher interest rate on your money than currently offered by home mortgage institutions? This is not your loan. You don’t have to make monthly payments. Now you can pay for your living facility, payoff credit cards, bills, medical costs and more. There is nothing for you to pay back. Give Us A Call For A Free Consultation And Find Out How It Works.

You don’t have to qualify

With an UnMortgage program and you can receive up to 100% of your home value. You don’t have to live in your home. We have no age requirement, or high equity requirements. There are no fees, index rates, non-performing bonds, low interest savings rates, high surrender rates or commission fees. No more watching the roller coaster stock market. The Unmortgage Program will your supplemental income and you can live the life you have dreamed. Sign up for a Fee In-Home Consultation Below Now.

Helping You Keep More Of Your Money

Reduce your living expenses. Stop making repairs and general upkeep on your home? Stop paying taxes, insurance and utilities? Selling your home, the traditional way can be costly. By the time you pay Realtor Fees, Closing Costs, Repairs and so much more your nest egg is reduced drastically. The UnMortgage Program pays all of these costs for you. Sign up for A Free In Home Consultation Below Now.

Helping You Leave a legacy

Leave your family better off. You can have an estate that continues to pay your family for years after your death. Let us show you how. Call For A Free Consultation.

The unmortgage advantage

  • “You Are The Bank” ™
  • Transition Your Home Into An Investment
  • Receive Secure Long-Term Payments
  • Cash Advances Available
  • No Income Requirements
  • No Occupancy Requirements


If you are considering moving to a senior community, “Freedom” is at your doorstep and it’s time to enjoy your life. You’ve worked hard and you are ready to leave the everyday worries of the hustle and bustle. You’ve decided that you want a carefree life and move to an environment where you can take each day as it comes and let others take care of the fundamental tasks of life. And NOW you have found an alternative, whereby “You Are The Bank”, use your home as an investment and continue to receive a consistent monthly income that never changes at a safe and reasonable rate of return for the rest of your life. For A Free Consultation, Email Us Or Give Us A Call Today.


Send us your contact information today. We will have a professional advisor schedule an appointment with you at your convenience. We always recommend that your spouse be present with you at our meeting if you are married. If you would like to have another family member, executor of your estate, financial advisor or other significant representative please deel free to invite them to the consultation. Actually, we encourage you to have anyone you need at your side that you deem important to helping you make a qualified and important decision that will affect your future retirement.

When you meet with our professional advisor, they will discuss multiple options that will work for you and your loved ones. Our professional advisor be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about the UnMortgage Program, how it works.

Time is Precious

Give UnMortgage Advisors a call or fill out the form below. We look forward to helping you plan Your Amazing Future!

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“You Are The Bank” ™

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