Unmortgage Advisors

"Reliable Investments For Seniors"

Unmortgage Advisors

"Reliable Investments For Seniors"




Seniors selling your home can be an investment

Utilizing the Unmortgage Program you can make a reasonable rate of return on your money using your home as a Hard Asset. There are no fees, index rates, non-performing bonds, low interest savings rates, high surrender rates or commission fees. No more watching the roller coaster stock market. With the Unmortgage Program you receive a check each month that never changes in value that you can depend on to supplement your income! Give Us A Call and find out how it works.


It’s Time To Enjoy Life

You do not have to qualify for an UnMortgage program. You can receive up to 100% of your home value. You don’t have to live in your home. We have no age requirement, no high equity requirements, no fees or closing costs. Mortgage Protection Insurance is not a requirement. You can reduce your living expenses. You can increase your supplemental income and live the life you have dreamed.


How Can I Keep More Of My Money

Reduce your living expenses. Stop making repairs and general upkeep on your home? Stop paying taxes, insurance and utilities? The Unmortgage Program pays all of these costs for you. Give us a call and speak with one of our professionals. 


Leave a legacy

Leave your family better off. You can have an estate that continues to pay your family for years after your death.  Let us show you how. Call for a Free Consultation.


a better way to sell your home

Selling your home, the traditional way can be costly. By the you pay Realtor Fees, Closing Costs, Reapairs and so much more your nest egg is reduced drastically. The UnMortgage Program changes everything.


The unmortgage advantage

  • You Are "The Bank"
  • Transition Your Home Into An Investment
  • Receive Secure Long-Term Payments
  • Cash  Advances Available
  • No Income Requirements
  • No Occupancy Requirements
  • Tax And Estate Planning Education At No Cost



If you are considering moving to a senior community, "Freedom" is at your doorstep and it’s time to enjoy your life. You’ve worked hard and you are ready to leave the everyday worries of the hustle and bustle. You’ve decided that you want a carefree life and move to an environment where you can take each day as it comes and let others take care of the fundamental tasks of life. And NOW you have found an alternative, whereby  "You Can Become The Bank", use your home as an investment and continue to receive a consistent monthly income that never changes at a safe and reasonable rate of return for the rest of your life. For a FREE consultation email us or give us a call Today. 

Already Have a Reverse Mortgage

Are you are asking yourself how can the Umortgage Program help me? If you have gotten a reverse mortgage take a lump sum or have money left over from monies already drawn on your home. You need a safe investment utilizing a hard asset as collateral that is reliable and low risk to offset the interest rate you already have on your reverse mortgage. Unmortgage Advisors will pay a reasonable rate of interest that usually more than covers the interest rate on your reverse mortgage. Call or email us a for a  Free No Risk Consultation.


Free Consultation

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